China declares war on Japan - 14.08.1937
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China declares war on Japan - 14.08.1937
Today in history - August 14, 1937

On August 14, 1937 China officially declares a war on Japan. That was a historical page for Japan and China. The Imperial General Headquarters in Tokyo initially showed reluctance to escalate the conflict into full-scale war.

On August 14, 1937, Kuomintang soldiers and warplanes attacked Japanese Marines in Shanghai, leading to the Battle of Shanghai.Than Kuomintang planned to bomb the Shanghai International Settlement, which led to more than 3,000 civilian deaths. The skies of China had become a testing zone for advanced biplane and new-generation monoplane combat-aircraft designs.

On October 26, Japanese Army captured Dachangzhen, an important strong-point within Shanghai. On November 5, additional reinforcements of Japan landed on Hangzhou bay. Finally, on November 9, the NRA began a general retreat.

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