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Today in history - Captain James Cook discovered Australia
Cook discovered Australia - 22.08.1771
TVs > Today in History > August 22 - James Cook discovered Australia
Cook discovered Australia - 22.08.1771
Today in history - August 22, 1771

Captain and great voyager James Cook started his journey since 1760. The main aim was to chart and explore the Pacific Ocean. 
The expedition of Captain Cook was mounted by the Admiralty and the Royal Society. The 2nd goal of the journey was to chart the coastlines of the visited in the South Pacific and to take detailed scientific observation about the land, about the local indigenous people. But the final and secret aim of the journey was to locate and claim the Great South Land.

Cook and his crew spent a couple of months charting the New Zealand coast and they became the first Europeans to reach the east coast of Australia. The historic voyage lasted almost three years and the expedition continued northward along the Australian coastline. 

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