The invention of 1st movie camera - 31.08.1897
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The invention of 1st movie camera - 31.08.1897
Today in history - August 31, 1897

The great inventor and scientist Thomas Edison invented not only the movie camera but also the movie industry. Edison began working on this project since 1895 and finally completed it in 1897. He developed the camera and its viewer in the early 1890s and staged several demonstrations.  

The movie camera was based on photographic principles but Edison demonstrated and developed the working principles of movie camera. That was a great innovation for that century. 

Today film industry is one of the biggest and well developed industries in the world. Now we can see movies everywhere: in theaters, on the Internet, on TV, on iPads, computers, laptops, smart phones and many other electronic devices, just about everywhere bringing the world together. So this is the great investment of the great inventor.

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