German troops occupy Rostov - 02.11.1941
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German troops occupy Rostov - 02.11.1941
Today in history - November 2, 1941

The Battle of Rostov (1941) was a battle of the Eastern Front of World War II, fought around Rostov-on-Don between the German Army Group South and the Soviet Southern Front. It comprised three phases: the German Army Group South Sea of Azov Offensive Operation, the Soviet Rostov Defensive Operation by the Southern Front, and the Rostov Offensive Operation.

Rostov was assigned as the objective for the 11th Army now commanded by General von Schobert, however he died in a crash on the same day after landing his liaison Fieseler Storch aircraft in a minefield. The assault on Rostov began on 17 November, and on 21 November the Germans took Rostov. However, the German lines were over-extended, and von Kleist's warnings that his left flank was vulnerable and that his tanks were ineffective in the freezing weather were ignored.
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