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Today in history - Germany attacks Moscow
Germany attacks Moscow - 25.10.1941
TVs > Today in History > October 25 - Germany attacks Moscow
Germany attacks Moscow - 25.10.1941
Today in history - October 25, 1941

As early as Jul 1941, the Russians knew the Germans were going to breach their defenses and threaten Moscow. Moscow was proud, however, aided by Joseph Stalin's propaganda machine. German advances were slower than they had hoped with a rainy fall season and later a cold early winter. As German vehicles become immobilized, the German army continued to advance. 

The final tally tilted amazingly harsh on the Russian side of the battle. Russia suffered over 600,000 casualties, with some estimates going as high as 700,000. Meanwhile, the German troops suffered a smaller 250,000 casualties, though the German momentum was stopped while the Russians built up their own. For the efforts of Moscow residents to defend the capital city, Moscow was honored with the title Hero City in 1965.

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