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Today in history - Spain declares war on Morocco
Spain declares war on Morocco-29.10.1859
TVs > Today in History > October 29 - Spain declares war on Morocco
Spain declares war on Morocco-29.10.1859
Today in history - October 29, 1859

Spanish–Moroccan War or the First Moroccan War was fought from Spain's declaration of war on Morocco on 22 October 1859 until the Treaty of Wad-Ras on 26 April 1860. It began with a conflict over the borders of the Spanish city of Ceuta and was fought in northern Morocco. Morocco sued for peace after the Spanish victory at the Battle of Tetuán. In the late 1859, Moroccan tribesmen raided a Spanish garrison on the outskirts of Ceuta, provoking a response from the Spaniards who, ignoring Britain's pleas for a peaceful settlement, invaded Morocco; they quickly defeated the Sultan's Army near in Ceuta.

The Spanish President of the time, Leopoldo O'Donnell didn't want to miss out on the opportunity of placing Spain among the first world powers and according to him, a great military victory was the way to do it, something that would put Morocco and Spain at war. Morocco was declared loser and singularly culpable for the war. Spain obtained expansion of their Ceuta and Melilla territory in perpetuity, the end of assaults on both cities, sovereignty over the Chafarinas Islands and a 100 million pesetas compensation from Morocco.
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