World War II started - 01.09.1939
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World War II started - 01.09.1939
The wreck of the Titanic found - 01.09.1985
Today in history - September 1, 1939

World War II also known as the Second World War was a global war which lasted from 1939-1945. Second World War was the most widespread war in the history and arguably the most significant period of the 20th century. The war involved more than 100 million people from 30 countries. 

The primary combatants were the Axis nations (Nazi Germany, Facist Italy, Imperial Japan) and the Allied nations: Great Britain, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States of America. Second World War was the deadliest conflict in human history. 

September 1, 1985

September 1 was a significant day with  another historical events too. On September 1, 1985 the group of American-French expediters, headed by famous American oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard, found the Titanic over two miles below the ocean’s surface by using an unmanned submersible called Argo. This discovery gave new meaning to the Titanic’s sinking and gave birth to new dreams in ocean exploration.
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